What would you do if your trading algorithm went haywire?
How much money can you lose in the time it takes to stop it?
On August 1 2012, Knight Capital Group lost $440 million.
10 million loss every minute!
Regulators are issuing major fines
Kill Switch Plus can automatically stop trading algorithms
Kill Switch Plus can protect profits and stop losses

Trade supervision needs to be active, relevant, timely, and intelligent.

Supervisors are busy people.

Electronic trading, especially with algos, black boxes, and interconnection complex trading systems, can become market disruptors. Runaway algos, programming errors, rogue traders and other issues can result in losses like those that caused Knight Capital to lose $440 Million in 10 minutes.

KillSwitchPlus and RiskResponder provide the supervisory team with modern, multi-exchange tools that have leapt over investment industry demands.

These tools provide the supervisory capability demanded by our industry regulators.


Active supervision provides automated actions. Trade supervision cannot be passive any longer. Supervision demands forethought and planned reactions implemented in technology. Holistic active supervision provided through:

  • Screen alerts
  • Messaging alerts
  • Exchange risk system connectivity
  • Trading system integrations
  • Intelligent, trained operations team


KillSwitchPlus is able to properly react to the trading account activity because it is integrated into popular ISVs, and across exchanges. It provides a consolidated view of trading activity. Alarms, automated reactions, and manual actions are tied directly to the account activity.


Direct connections with the trading systems, and the exchange provide near real time updates into KillSwitchPlus resulting in timely information provided for fully automated and audit-able supervision.


The worst thing that a firm can do is cancel all the open orders. No one wants to have trailing stop orders pulled from a market when a trader is over-extended. Rather one wants to prevent the trader from extending the position, and to assist in bringing the position back in line with approved credit limits.